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Lead Staff

Terra & Kyle Beilby



 Pictured above: Kyle & Terra the day they came to an agreement with Donna to buy the building.

Being inspired

Welcome to our Story. It’s a funny one, fueled by a passion to find the next adventure and by two people who had a vision of diving into the real estate market, event industry ,and of being entrepreneurs. Terra and Kyle opened this place to be a place where people come to gather, to be inspired, to celebrate, to learn and to grow. This space is meant to be gathered and in what medium of art, learning, or connecting is really up to you! Their goal is to increase community connection, strengthen small businesses, connect local artists with a place to teach and inspire others, and to be an inclusive place for people who love to create.

This unique collaborative space is a place that is home to Terra’s floral design and event business, Eclectic Elegance.

This all started when Terra was looking for a studio space to house her growing flower business. Terra and Kyle’s life and plan of living on the road with Piper (their daughter, while Kyle travels for work, required Terra to search for a space that contractors/staff could produce weddings for her business but could also be back in Minnesota where Eclectic Elegance thrives.

On one terribly rainy September day in the fall of 2018, mid wedding season, Terra went downtown to the city of Carver to scout out rental properties. She scouted out Donna, the wonderful little lady who sold this property to Terra & Kyle.

The space was wonderful for Terra’s floral business studio but she wanted to share it. Growing, nurturing, and building a small business is HARD work and is not for the faint of heart, and getting to the point in business to be able to have a space is no small endeavor. They created the Colab as a means to foster and support the community of small business owners and dreamers. To offer a space that can be used in a multifaceted way by other entrepreneurs. They want to offer a studio vibe and space to other small businesses to host workshops, meet clients and be inspired. See our Rentals page for more details.


Wondering How we got the name?

Carver Country not Carver County?

The name “Carver Country” is an ode to Terra’s family farm. She grew up on a hobby farm just outside of Waconia, that was called “Carver Country”. 2017 and 2018 were hard years for her and her family losing both her mother and the farm in a matter of I8 months. This place had a lot of great memories as a kid and some hard ones too. Carrying the name into their collaborative studio space is honoring what was and what could have been. Also a creative entrepreneur, Terra’s mother Natalie, always wanted to open a creative space or store called Carver Country. This is Terra’s way of bringing a sense of life to that dream and carrying on the farms name into new beginnings!

Open to the general public, this multi-use space could be for the following:

  • Client/Work Meetings

  • Graduation Open Houses

  • Photoshoots

  • Workshops: Painting, Palette Design

  • Grooms dinners

  • Bridal showers

  • Bridal Suite

  • Birthday Parties

  • Small groups/book clubs/bible studies